Metallic Epoxy Floors Atlanta

Metallic Epoxy Floors Atlanta

At Pure Epoxy Coatings, we specialize in providing high-quality metallic epoxy flooring solutions in Atlanta. Our team of experts is dedicated to transforming both residential and commercial spaces with stunning, durable, and custom-designed flooring options.

Why Choose Metallic Epoxy Flooring?

Metallic epoxy flooring is not just a flooring solution; it’s a work of art. It combines the durability and resilience of traditional epoxy with the aesthetic appeal of metallic pigments. Here’s why it’s the ideal choice for your property:

  1. Durability: Resistant to heavy traffic, scratches, and stains, making it perfect for high-traffic areas.
  2. Aesthetic Appeal: Offers a unique, high-gloss finish that can mimic the look of marble, lava flow, or other natural stone surfaces.
  3. Easy Maintenance: Simple to clean and maintain, saving you time and effort.
  4. Customization: Available in a wide range of colors and finishes to match your style and preferences.


Atlanta Epoxy Floors

Why Choose Pure Epoxy Coatings?

Our Services in Atlanta

At Pure Epoxy Coatings, we take pride in delivering top-notch metallic epoxy flooring services across Atlanta. Our services include:

  • Consultation and Design: We work with you to design a flooring solution that meets your aesthetic and functional needs.
  • Professional Installation: Our team of skilled installers ensures a seamless and flawless application process.
  • Maintenance and Repairs: We offer ongoing maintenance and repair services to keep your flooring looking as good as new.

Areas We Specialize In

Garage Flooring:
Transform your garage into a sleek, stylish, and functional space with our metallic epoxy flooring. Our floors are built to withstand heavy vehicles, tools, and the daily wear and tear of a busy garage.

Kitchen Flooring:
Upgrade your kitchen with a metallic epoxy floor that combines beauty and practicality. Our flooring options are stain-resistant, easy to clean, and provide a contemporary look that enhances any kitchen design.

Warehouse Epoxy: Maximize the efficiency and safety of your warehouse with our robust epoxy flooring solutions. Our floors are designed to handle heavy machinery, forklifts, and constant traffic while maintaining a clean and professional appearance.

Extend the beauty of metallic epoxy to your countertops. Ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, and commercial spaces, our epoxy countertops are hygienic, durable, and available in a variety of unique finishes.

Commercial Epoxy: Enhance the look and durability of your commercial space with our top-quality epoxy flooring solutions. Designed to handle high foot traffic and daily operations, our commercial epoxy floors are perfect for any business environment.

Government Buildings: Upgrade government facilities with our long-lasting epoxy flooring. Our floors meet strict safety standards and provide a professional, clean look suitable for any government building.

Basement Flooring:
Turn your basement into a luxurious living area or a functional workspace with our durable and visually stunning metallic epoxy floors. They are moisture-resistant and perfect for areas prone to dampness.

Restaurant Epoxy: Ensure your restaurant floors are both attractive and easy to maintain with our specialized restaurant epoxy flooring. Our floors are slip-resistant, easy to clean, and designed to withstand the rigors of a busy dining establishment.

Retail Stores: Make a lasting impression on your customers with our stylish and durable epoxy flooring for retail stores. Our floors are designed to handle high foot traffic, are easy to clean, and can be customized to match your store’s aesthetic.

Airplane Hangar: Keep your airplane hangar in top condition with our durable epoxy flooring. Our floors are resistant to chemicals, oil spills, and heavy loads, ensuring a safe and pristine environment for your aircraft.


View our stunning epoxy flooring projects in Atlanta for inspiration.

The Process

We begin with a thorough consultation to understand your needs and preferences.

Choose from a variety of colors and finishes to create a unique look.

We prepare the surface to ensure optimal adhesion and longevity.

Our experts apply the epoxy in multiple layers to achieve the desired effect.

We conduct a final inspection to ensure the highest quality and customer satisfaction.

Residential Epoxy Flooring

Commercial Epoxy Flooring

Industrial Epoxy Flooring

Frequently Asked Questions

Epoxy flooring is a strong, seamless, and visually appealing flooring option. It’s valued for its durability, ease of maintenance, and customizable aesthetics.

The installation time varies depending on the size and complexity of the project, but most residential installations are completed within 3-5 days.

While the high-gloss finish can appear slippery, we offer non-slip additives to ensure your floor is safe even when wet.

Yes, metallic epoxy flooring is an excellent choice for high-traffic areas. It’s resistant to wear, chemicals, and abrasions, making it perfect for commercial and industrial spaces.

Certainly! Pure Epoxy Coatings offers a wide range of colors, patterns, and finishes to match your style and preferences. Our team collaborates with you to create a unique epoxy flooring design.

Maintenance is simple. Regular sweeping and occasional mopping with a gentle cleaner will keep your floor looking pristine.

Customer Reviews

See what our satisfied clients in have to say about our epoxy flooring services.

Great team at Pure Epoxy Coatings!

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Communication on the project was timely, very responsive and did exactly as promise. We love our showroom floor! It is epoxy and we experienced some previous acetone damage during construction. Pure Epoxy Coatings came in, and now our entire floor looks day one new. Thanks to the team

Jeffrey E. Roberts

Atlanta, GA

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